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 Southern Classic 2019

Sunday, 27th of August

Show Secretary:

  • Malcolm Parsons
    • 07979693745


Location: Dial Post Village Hall, Worthing Road, Dial Post, RH13 8NS


  • Dave Critchlow
  • Alan Micheal
  • Simon Devanney
  • Simon Gage

Southern Classic 2018 Results

Benched: 321

 Best in Show P Merritt (Cinnamon Blue)
 Best Any Age P Merritt (Cinnamon Blue)
 Best Young Bird T Jeffreys (Dominant Pied)
 Best Champion Any Age G Carter
 Best Champion Young Bird G Carter
 Best Intermediate Any Age P Merritt
 Best Intermediate Young Bird T Jefreys
 Best Novice Any Age R Nicholls
 Best Novice Young Bird M Small
 Best Beginner Any Age L Underwood
 Best Beginner Young Bird A Scott
 Best Junior Any Age J Evans-Lee
 Best Junior Young Bird Z Johnson
 Best Pair R Watts
 Best Team G Carter
 Best Bird of Colour None Entered
 Challenge Certificates 
 Light Green  G Carter
 Dark or Olive Green K Groves
 Skyblue P Merritt
 Cobalt, Mauve, or Violet J Sopp
 Grey Green M Small
 Grey J Lawrie
 Opaline Green M Freeborn
 Opaline Blue G Carter
 Cinnamon Green G Carter
 Cinnamon Blue P Merritt
 Opaline Cinnamon P Merritt
 Lutino R Watts
 Albino J Wheeler (C Callaway)
 Yellow-Wing A Shoosmith
 Whitewing Z Johnson (K White)
 Crest or Tuft J Hill
 Single Factor Spangle Green J Lawrie
 Single Factor Spangle Blue G Simpson
 Double Factor Spangle W Thorogood
 Dominant, Clearflight, or Dutch Pied T Jeffreys
 Recessive Or Dark Eyed Clear K Groves
 Yellowface or Goldenface  G Simpson
 Rare Variety Z Johnson (B Allen)
 Clearbody N Johnson
 Any Other Clear R Watts