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 Southern Cassic 2018

Sunday, 26th of August

Show Secretary:

  • Roy Powell
    • 01903 266606


Location: Dial Post Village Hall, Worthing Road, Dial Post, RH13 8NS


  • Chris Snell (SNE11)
  • Ron Pearce (BP2)
  • Ian Standley (S5409)
  • Andy Thorpe (AND1)       

Southern Classic 2018 Results



 Best in Show 
 Best Any Age 
 Best Young Bird 
 Best Opposite Sex in Show  
 Best Opposite Sex Any Age  
 Best Opposite Sex Young Bird 
 Best Champion Any Age 
 Best Champion Young Bird 
 Best Intermediate Any Age 
 Best Intermediate Young Bird 
 Best Novice Any Age 
 Best Novice Young Bird 
 Best Beginner Any Age 
 Best Beginner Young Bird 
 Best Junior Any Age 
 Best Junior Young Bird 
 Best Pair 
 Best Team 
 Best Bird of Colour 
 Challenge Certificates 
 Light Green  
 Dark or Olive Green 
 Cobalt, Mauve, or Violet 
 Grey Green 
 Opaline Green 
 Opaline Blue 
 Cinnamon Green 
 Cinnamon Blue 
 Opaline Cinnamon 
 Crest or Tuft 
 Single Factor Spangle Green 
 Single Factor Spangle Blue 
 Double Factor Spangle 
 Dominant, Clearflight, or Dutch Pied 
 Recessive Or Dark Eyed Clear 
 Yellowface or Goldenface  
 Rare Variety 
 Any Other Clear 
 Best Pair 
 Best Team 
 Best Colour